Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tech Newsletter for 4/5


Are you still having trouble getting your items to show up on your Google Site? Do you sometimes forget to set share permissions or receiving emails to view your items? A simple solution is to create a shared folder in your Google Drive. Put all these items on your site in a shared folder and you will never have to worry again. Your items will show up to whomever views your Site. BONUS: The shared folder link can also be shared in your TKES documentations.

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Congratulations to our most recent group of Level 1-Google Certified Teachers from Glenwood Primary School:

Carla Taylor
Bridget Quigley
Rhonda Childs
Carrie Graves
Angie Travis

Twitter, Tweet, Twitter Bird, ...

The 2nd Annual Kickoff Classic is around the corner.  Be sure to follow @fcsclassic.  Also, feel free to post pictures from last year using #fcsclassic.  

Over Spring Break I, Lee that is, took a trip over to Athens to assist some friends with a conference they were putting on. Saturday morning was the conference, but there was also a Maker Faire Saturday afternoon. There was everything from cardboard, to knitting, to robots, to bicycle couches. Made me think, why not us? Is there anyone out there interested in turning kids into makers and showing off some talents? Email Let’s talk.

There will be a national Kidblog webinar with April Cummings on April 19 from 4:30 - 5:00
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