Thursday, December 1, 2016

Technology Newsletter - Hour of Code Edition

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Next Week is Hour of Code Week!

Where do I Start?

The easiest place to start is at You simply go to the url and start the process of learning how to code! Choose your challenge by grade level, experience, subject area, and difficulty. Then follow the on screen instructions to start the party.

You can pick any challenge you like. The important part is introducing the concept of code to your students.

How does this Apply to my Classroom?

Computer Science skills require computational thinking, creative thinking and problem solving. All of these skills are applicable to classroom standards. Giving students opportunities both on and off line to explore coding will allow them to develop these thinking skills and use them across the curriculum.

Unplugged Activity

Breaking news, you can teach the fundamentals of computer science without an actual computer. Don’t believe me? Check out this activity called My Robotic Friends. All you need to complete this activity is poster paper and plastic cups. Using these materials you can teach your students the basics of coding. Check out more fabulous Unplugged Activities from CS Fundamentals.

Lessons with a Computer has dozens of coding lessons for all ages. They have courses that anyone can go through or you can choose to code with some of the popular movie and game characters like Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Star Wars, Minecraft, Frozen, Ice Age, and even from the new Disney movie Moana! Check out Star Wars Here! May the coding be with you!

Lessons with no Computer has already compiled full lessons that do not require a computer call “unplugged lessons.”  You can find the unplugged lessons here.  They range in grade, ability, and difficulty.  Each lesson has an accompanying lesson plan, teacher video, and intro video for students.