Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tech Newsletter for 4/11


Kickoff Classic : Preview of Featured Speakers

Casey Bethel

Casey Bethel is the 2017 GA Teacher of the Year. Mr. Bethel is a science teacher at Manchester High School in Douglas County Schools. He earned a Master’s Degree in Plant Genetics and conducted experimental research at the Center for Applied Genetic Technologies at the University of Georgia. Lessons he designed have been published in The Journal of Chemical Education. For the past five summers, he has sharpened his skills as a scientist, conducting experimental research in a Biochemistry lab at Georgia Tech. To learn more about Casey Bethel, follow him on Twitter @2017GATOTY and check out this inspiring video clip.

Tony Vincent

The only thing Tony Vincent likes better than teaching is learning. He currently resides in Council Bluffs, Iowa, but he used to teach fifth grade in Nebraska. Since 1998 he’s been a pioneer in digital learning, having a classroom website before many classrooms even had internet access. In 2001 he had a 1:1 classroom full of Palm Pilots, and in 2005 he started one of the first podcasts from an elementary school. Click HERE for more information about Tony.

Bernadette Lambert

Bernadette Lambert loves o write. It is who she is. She studied broadcast journalism at the University of Georgia. From there, she worked many other jobs – newspaper, college registrar, photographer, and even a buyer for nuclear plants in Georgia. Then, she worked for 10 years in the public school system teaching and eventually coaching teachers in all things literacy. Later, she joined Scholastic as a national reading specialist. From there, she joined the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) to spread the word about how rigor and relevance and learner engagement could change our classrooms.

Hackberry Labs

HackBerry Lab is a space for creative individuals to engage in designing, inventing, building, and problem solving. Home to the Berry College Creative Technologies program, it is a special place which houses the tools, technology, and community to support students and others need to let their ideas take shape. These tools include a variety of 3D printers, laser cutter and vinyl cutters, an extensive woodworking shop, welding equipment, and the tools and materials necessary to program and develop electronics from prototype to professional circuit boards. Housing programs like HackBerry RND, HackBerry Hands, and HackBerry Motorsports, we provide students opportunities to develop their specific skills and interests and share them with the community at large.

Additional Outside Speakers*

Active Shooter - Michael Ruple
Code.org - Tanya Cleeves
Differentiation - Dr. Gilda Lyon
Discovery Education - Aubrey Legrand
GALILEO - Russell Palmer
Gender Differences - Dr. Gary Ross
Habitat for Humanity - Bruce Day
Inclusion - Ray Hammett
SLDS - Tammy Silvers
Tech Fair - Bucky Bush
University of West Georgia - Dr. John Ponder
Workshop Model - Terry Haney
*We are still confirming and seeking out specific outside speakers.