Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Technology Newsletter 9/27


Discovery Education

GPB has upgraded its contract with Discovery Education to include student accounts and teacher tools.  Moving forward, you will need to use the Google Sign In instead of typing a username and password.  You can access resources on their website and via this 10 step guide.


After Fall Break, a heavily restricted version of Youtube will be open for students, but teachers will see no change.  Youtube can be an excellent resource for your classroom should you choose to use it.  If you have any questions please review this document or contact your local ITS.

Storytelling with My Maps - Lee Green I'll edit/update from a PC.

A little known feature within Google Drive is a tool called My Maps. My Maps allows you to plot waypoints or significant locations anywhere in the world. Do you want to follow the path of Louis Zamperini from Unbroken? Do you want to chart German formations through Russia and compare with Napoleon’s trek? You can do all of the and more with My Maps! My favorite thing is My Maps is easy to create and offers students a larger understanding of the world.

To get started, go to Google Drive, select new, more, and then My Maps. For more information, click here!

FCS TALKS - What's Current in FCS Tech

Ghostery Retraction

We have a report of the Ghostery Extension blocking clicks in SLDS.  We are investigating the matter.  To be on the safe side, please uninstall this extension.  Click here for the directions to remove Ghostery.

Share a digital tip or tool at the September 29th Demo Slam!  Take a few minutes to share something great from your classroom for a chance to win a door prize!  More details here.

The cardboard challenge is coming in October.  Click here for the Cardboard Challenge Flyer.

Floyd County Schools will be hosting a Twitter Chat on November 1st @ 8:30 pm using the hashtag #FloydPLN.  Learn more by exploring these resources: General Twitter Guide and What is a Twitter Chat?

Apply for a classroom set of Chromebooks via the Grant Page by October 9th at 11:59 PM.

Google Classroom - Nathan Medley
Google Classroom has changed the way a lot of teachers give assignments in class. It has become one of the most engaging ways to keep students focused and interested in completing assignments. It has also decreased certain behaviors in the class that have distracted and kept kids from focusing on their assignments. While there must be a balance with everything, including technology, Google Classroom has enhanced learning possibilities in today’s classroom.  Students in Mrs. Plunkett’s class at Alto Park have thoroughly enjoyed completing many of their assignments on Google Classroom.
20160923_093307.jpg                 20160923_093320.jpg

Twitter- Jaki Day

Final Twitter Advice:
  1. The best way to get better at any new skill is to use it. Just remember, you start out as a consumer (follow people, read tweets, learn from others…); but don’t stop there. The real advantages come when you become a creator of Tweets. You share too.  Remember that conversations run two ways.  
  2. Don’t keep the good stuff to yourself.  One of the best ways to really get your feet wet is to Re-tweet resources you found helpful.  If it is useful or meaningful to you, chances are that it will be to others as well.
  3. Don’t give up...keep going. Just like exercising once a month isn’t going to help you perform at your best, neither will the infrequent Tweet.  You don’t have to be an “overachiever” here, but you should be checking in, hitting reply and participating in conversations to keep them going.  Asking questions is a great way to interact and get the conversation rolling.  Tweet On!
A helpful infographic:


According to TKES Standards, Level VI educators are “continually seeking ways to serve as role models or teacher leaders”. Do you want to demonstrate your Professional Knowledge (TKES-Standard 1) and set yourself apart as a Level VI Educator? If so, consider sharing what you have learned about technology by volunteering to present at a Floyd County Demo Slam. For more information click here.