Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tech Newsletter for 2/28


Have you looked at the little gear in Google Classroom when your students turn in their work? Click on the “Done” in the assignment and the gear at the top right will allow you to create a Google Sheet of all the assignments you have graded and returned to students. *You do have to return the assignment before it will show up on the spreadsheet. It will even calculate the average for you as well. Give it a try.  If you aren’t using Google Classroom yet, here’s a quick overview.

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Tyler Thomas, math teacher at Pepperell Middle, has created an innovative method for students to self-check their work using conditional formatting in Google Sheets. When the students enter their answer into a cell in Google Sheets, the cell will turn green if the answer is correct. Take a look at his example: Measures of Center-Mean and Median Practice.

Twitter, Tweet, Twitter Bird, ...

Curious about how other FCS teachers are using Twitter?  Go to the Floyd County PLN Twitter to see a feed of FCS teachers sharing, collaborating, and promoting their classrooms and schools.

Would you like to have students do voice overs on their written work? It’s as easy as 1, 2, Screencastify! Installing this Chrome Extension will allow your students to make 10 minute videos that save to Google Drive. Have them improve their literacy skills by making a read along text!

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