Friday, February 17, 2017

Tech Newsletter for 2/14


Are your students researching for Black History Month? Using Google Scholar for Middle and High school students; and KidRex for Elementary students, can provide valuable reliable information for their research reports.

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Have you heard about the trending “escape rooms”? Mrs. Phinazee, an ELA teacher at AMS, brought the concept to her classroom by utilizing Google Sites and Google Forms to create a digital escape room experience for her students. Put your critical thinking skills to the test and see if you can break out of Mrs. Phinazee’s digital escape rooms:

To Kill a Mocking Bird Escape Room

Twitter, Tweet, Twitter Bird, ...

Twitter is an incredible tool to share events at your school.  Jamey Alcorn, principal at Pepperell High School, used it to live stream the return of wrestlers from the individual state championship in Macon, Georgia.

Click here to see the stream via Twitter

Piggy-backing on what our runner above is doing in her classroom, Mrs. Phinazee had to learn how to use the tools to design her digital breakout. To do this it took the use of Data Validation and Conditional Formatting in Forms. This is a powerful tool! See your ITS for assistance in building your own Breakout!

The 2nd Annual Edcamp Rome!
Saturday, March 18, 2017
at Rome High School in Rome, Georgia

What does it cost?
Nothing! The day is entirely FREE.