Wednesday, August 10, 2016

BYOT Basics from Mr. John Rhodarmer, Assistant Principal of Coosa High School

Look at BYOT at your school? or needing suggestions for classroom implementation?  Take time to read about a great example of BYOT implementation:


Cell phones : Teachers should try to give the student the opportunity to make the right decision with their property. On any 1st issue I like for my teachers to ask the students to put it away. If the phone continues to be an issue, teachers ask the student to let the teacher have the phone and tell them they will return it at the end of class. The teacher locks the phone in a secure location until after class and then conferences with the child about appropriate use of technology and then returns the phone. If the student refuses, it becomes a defiance issue, and we follow policy. If the same student uses the phone again in class after the teacher has taken it once, we follow discipline protocol for inappropriate use of technology.

With misuse of computers or chrome books, we determine discipline on a case by case. It really depends on what the kid was looking at or doing with the technology. I try to compare with typical classroom behaviors. For example, if a kid is chatting with another child via messenger, they would receive detention because it is very similar to talking at an inappropriate time in class. The more severe the action the more severe the discipline.

As far as strategies are concerned, the best strategy is presence.  Technology should not be used as a baby sitter. Teachers should be up and active in the classroom. Anytime we are dealing with children and discipline, we talk about being cool, clam, and collected and firm, fair and consistent. Those 6 things will get you far in building relationships with students. Cell phone strategies would include face down phones. Keep them in sight but keep the screen down. Most high school teachers just ask if they are not being used for the students to have them put way.  

Mr. John Rhodarmer
Assistant Principal of Coosa High School