Friday, October 23, 2015

Write for Understanding - Billionaires Love It

Write for clarity. Earnest Hemingway was an expert in the area of precise prose. Arthur C. Clarke credits Hemingway with writing the world's shortest story. "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn." Did he, who knows. Clear writing has many fans, including Paul Tudor Jones. Mr. Jones is a billionaire hedge fund manger. He forces employees to take online classes in journalism to improve their writing skills. Paul demands clarity, precision, and order from all memos. If not, they are destroyed. Here is Paul's interview.

Strunk and White's Rule #17 clarifies the need for concise writing. Rule #17: Omit Needless Words. This rule and concept is not easy. Trust me. If you are looking for an online page for help. Look no further. Check out the Hemingway App to help improve your prose. 

Hemingway App approved: Grade 5