Friday, December 13, 2013

Google Tips!

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I consider myself to be a Googely kind of guy. I live in Google, work in Google, play in Google, and I know more than I should about the products/services available there. I know if I could just sit down with everyone in my system for a day or two, I could drop my knowledge of Google off with them, and they would be able to see how much easier it would make their lives/jobs.

I think I need the pensive thing that Dumbledore used in Harry Potter... That would be the way to get all the information out there! Just suck it straight from my head and drop it in other people!

On second thought... That looks like it might hurt... 

Since the pensive isn't really a reality, and people don't necessarily have the time to sit down with me for a couple of days, I became uberexcited when I saw the release of Google's latest help tool, Google Tips! 

Google Tips takes the concept of flash cards with the Google question on one side and the answer on the other. Click on a question you have and then it gives you the answer! It's fantastic! 

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Click on the question you have, and it will take you directly to a resource to answer that question. This doesn't replace direct, hands on instruction, but it goes a long way in that direction. I have already learned a few easier ways of doing some things through the tip sheet. Bookmark this site and go to it when you have a Google question... I don't think it will let you down!